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Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis is an Independent Porsche Specialist!

General Maintenance

From fluid and filter changes to tires, brakes, and drivetrain maintenance, Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis is your independent

Porsche service expert. 


We follow the factory service manual and maintenance schedule, and we perform all services with genuine Porsche Parts and fluids!

Factory-Level Porsche Repairs

Porsche Motorcars are built to a higher standard. Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis uses genuine Porsche tools, documentation, and parts to ensure all repairs meet or exceed Porsche's rigorous repair specifications.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help!

Pre-Purchase & Track Inspections

Need to have your car inspected for purchase or for Track Day? We will perform a thorough on-hoist inspection, document the results, and provide repair estimates for any needed services or repairs. 

Performance Upgrades

From wheel, tire and brake upgrades to suspension, transmission, and engine improvements, Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis can help you take your Porsche to the next performance level!

All performance upgrades are covered by our lifetime workmanship guarantee!

Air-Cooled Porsche Service!

The last air-cooled 911 rolled off the line over 25 years ago, Let Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis help you keep yours on the road for 25 more!

We offer full-service air-cooled 911 maintenance and repair services, including internal engine and transmission repairs and electrical work!

Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS)

Intermediate Shaft Bearing failure can destroy your Porsche's engine. 


Let Artisan Autoworks Indianapolis install a direct replacement or upgraded hydraulic bearing and eliminate this common failure point in your Porsche!

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